Mission Statement

From myself and anyone that I hire you can expect the utmost in professionalism and knowledge of the locksmith trade. I was introduced to the trade when I locked myself out of my vehicle and was offered a job by the gentleman that came out to open my truck. Little did I know, the company that I was working for was the most disreputable and illegal in the town of Colorado Springs. By the time I became aware of this I had already learned the majority of the trade, but was stuck with them because of financial troubles. Always Loyal is the result of my experience with that company, because I know exactly how and why they exploit customers, price gouge, and do low-quality work that often results in damaged property. It is my goal to not do that, hence my motto: Bringing Integrity to the Trade.

Unfortunately, the world of locksmithing does not have much integrity to go around, so my business is founded upon integrity as a concept. My customers will receive complete honesty, reasonable prices stated up-front, and quality work and craftsmanship. I love being a locksmith and my goal is to be a tradesman, not a businessman

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