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Have you been locked out? Has your key disappeared? If you need competent, low-priced, reliable locksmith services, call Always Loyal Locksmith at (719) 419-2759!

Professional and Affordable Locksmith Services for Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado

Where other locksmith companies are motivated by money, I am motivated solely by getting the job done and doing it right. I love what I do and am very passionate about it, going out of my way to gain as much expertise on contemporary and antique lock systems as possible, so if you want help from a professional that you know will treat you and your property well, Always Loyal is the locksmith for you.

The Lowest Prices for Automotive Locksmith Services in the Region!

The automotive side of locksmithing is the most lucrative part of the business, but the parts costs are often minimal and many locksmiths charge exorbitant prices for no good reason. My prices, however, are so low that hearing about it has actually pissed other locksmiths off! Not only that, but if you have a difficult or unusual problem with your lock, I will stick with it until the job is done: there have been instances where I’ve been the only locksmith in town willing to approach certain automotive problems. So when your key goes missing and your car won’t start and you’ve got places to be, you know who to call for genuine, expert service at a fair price!

Re-keys, Installation, Fixes, and Replacement: Optimizing Lock Options for Property Owners

My goal is to bring Integrity and Marine Corps values to the locksmith trade, and where better to do that than with the most demanding part of the trade that requires not just familiarity with a large variety of lock systems but craftsmanship and just a little bit of thinking outside the box. When it comes to servicing locks on residential and commercial doors, my dedication and thoroughness will leave you with a smile on your face and secure entrances. Locksmithing is something that I am very passionate about and I am a tradesman, not a businessman. This is the part of the trade that requires more than operating machines and unlocking doors, this is what I do best and love doing, so if you need your locks serviced or replaced, call Always Loyal at (719) 419-2759!

Price Guide

I charge a $10 service fee for anywhere in Colorado Springs, a $15 service fee for the areas outside of the city, and $15 per hour of travel time beyond one hour. There are certain areas within the incorporated area of Colorado Springs for which I will charge a $15 service fee, such as the 80925 and 80951 zip codes.

$30 per hour of general labor for work that does not fit in the following categories or for every hour past the first hour on the job.

$40 for Car Lock-Outs. Semi trucks and certain sports cars may warrant a higher charge.

$60 for House Lock-Outs. In the case that a lock needs to be drilled to gain entry, there may be an additional parts cost for replacement.

$15-25 per Lock for Re-Keys. Kwikset locks are $15, Schlage locks are $20, Kwikset Smart Locks without a key and profile cylinders are $25. All prices are subject to change per the condition of the locks.

$30 per Lock for Master-Key systems.

$75-120 for New Installation of Locks (where there is not a hole for the lock). This price does not include the parts to be installed and is conditional on the material of the door.

$80 for origination Non-Transponder Automotive Keys.

$120-200 for origination of Transponder Automotive Keys.

$10 for duplication of low-security Automotive Keys*.

$20 for duplication of high-security Automotive Keys*.

$50 for originating a low-security Automotive Key from a worn, non-functional copy.

$40-100 for Damaged Ignition Removal.

$60 for Programming Automotive Keys (this service is included in the price of originating automotive keys)

$40 minimum for Lock Fixes. This is a service for which a price range cannot be pre-determined.

$120-150 for a Safe Lock-Out. If the safe is a small Sentry safe with a wafer lock, the price is the same as a house lock-out.

There are some jobs with prices that can only be determined on a case-by-case basis:

Ignition Repair.

Ignition Re-Key.

Ignition Replacement.

*These are jobs for which I would ask you to come to my location for the service. When you drive to me, there is no service fee.